Our team of lawyers has been successfully working together more than 7 years. In January 2019 we decided to set up Attorneys-at-Law “Intelkrafts” in order to use more possibilities and legal instruments to protect the interests of our clients.

The main field of our activity is the protection of intellectual protection rights both in courts and using other legal opportunities.

We have always represented the interests of rightholders and never protected the interests of pirates. We protected the interests both of international companies such as Warner and Sony Music and Ukrainian rightholders such as “Moon Records” LLC, “UMIG Music” LLC, “Ukrainian Music Publishing Group” LLC, “Universe Media Corporation” LLC etc.

Our advantages are the perfect knowledge of legal procedures and the will to win. We do not just use the procedural codes but we know very well how to use them effectively due to our own practice. On average every lawyer of our team has not less than 4 court hearings every week. Our results are also demonstrative. The total number of court disputes have been conducting by our team during the last seven years is about 1000. You can make sure in it in Unified State Register of Court Decisions which is publicly available.

We do not stop in difficult situations. We have our own technique of writing of cassation complaints giving positive results. This technique allows to protect the interests of the client and to break the situation even when the case moves in a negative direction for the client.

We are proud of the fact that 85 per cent of court cases conducted by our team have been won.

Our judicial experience helps us in the other fields of legal practice, in particular, in drafting of legal documents. We do not try to guess the risks that a client can face in the field of intellectual property. As a rule we know these risks in advance. The drafts of legal documents prepared by us are reliable and functional.  But it does not mean that they have artificially large volume.

We do not just follow the intellectual property legislation changes but we also participate in its reform taking part in the work of the working group in Ukrainian Parliament – the Verkhovna Rada.

We can help you to:

Solve problems

Solve your problems by winning the case in the court

Have drafts

Have high-quality drafts of legal documents

feel protected

Feel protected

Get consultation

Get qualified consultation in the field of intellectual property

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